Ambot's debut album "A" is out now on ETALABEL
(digital + 100 CD + 10 casette)

“A” is the beginning. Inspired by the classic releases of electronic music which a lot of people still like to listen to, recorded between 2007 and 2009. Ambot’s first album “A” is finally released by ETALABEL. This album is a trip back to the 90’s so if you loved early albums of Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, u-Ziq or Cylob - you should definetly check it out.


Ambot is a duo of two electronic musicians: Paul Ryttel (aka Xlorite) & Piotr Michałowski (aka Nmls). Their solo work greatly differs from each other but when they start to work together they somehow find a common language. Paul takes care of the beats and fx, Piotr makes all of the mellodies and textures but sometimes they switch their roles a bit. They started to cooperate in 2007 and their first album “A” was released by ETALABEL in July 2013, 4 years after it was finished. They still have a lot of music to release so you may expect upcoming albums, though they won’t sound like the first one as the creative methods and inspirations in Ambot are always evolving and are reaching new musical dimensions.